Liquid enters Nigeria

30 November 2022

Liquid Intelligent Technologies has launched operations in Nigeria.

“Expanding our operations here reiterates our interest in working with the government to achieve the objectives of Nigeria’s National Broadband Plan (2021 – 2025) and to transform Nigeria into a leading digital economy, a vision enshrined in the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy (2020 – 2030),” said Hardy Pemhiwa, group president & CEO of Cassava Technologies. “Through our expertise, we will work towards ensuring that businesses and individuals can add to the growing digital economy setting Nigeria on its path to transform into a tech powerhouse in Africa.”

The company’s strategy is centred on its core objective to make affordable, quality broadband connectivity readily available to a mass market.

“Access to new and innovative technologies and high-speed connectivity has changed how organisations work across the continent,” said Wole Abu, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Nigeria. “West Africa boasts the largest connectivity on the continent, connecting Nigeria locally and internationally. Liquid’s Intelligent Technology brings de-facto means of backhauling traffic within middle-mile networks, allowing the effective deployment of broadband networks in Nigeria and the rest of the region.”
Liquid will leverage its partnerships with Microsoft, Meta, AWS, and Oracle to redefine network, cloud and cybersecurity offerings.

It believes its pan-African footprint enables it to utilise its infrastructure to accelerate the availability of new intelligent technologies, including the high computing power of the cloud, artificial intelligence and cyber security services.

“In the last two years, we have seen Nigeria benefit exponentially as businesses transformed digitally. The need now is to elevate local businesses with increased access to digital solutions that will level the playing field compared to their European and US counterparts,” said Abu. “In addition, the expertise we have garnered in the last two decades of partnering with businesses in other African countries will play a crucial role as we provide companies with the necessary tools to enable further growth.”