Airtel and Meta focus on digitisation

08 December 2022

Bharti Airtel marked the improvement of open RAN and cloud platforms as the next big moves under its latest tie-up with Meta Platforms, with the pair set to focus on advancing India’s digital market by boosting connectivity infrastructure.

Airtel said that its collaboration with Meta Platforms will centre on advancing connectivity by investing in cloud technology and bringing 2Africa, the world’s longest submarine cable, to Airtel’s Mumbai station. The companies’ partnership is based on preparations for 5G rollouts, and the tie-up will involve using Airtel’s cloud-based platform, Airtel IQ.

Plans also include the integration of WhatsApp features into Airtel’s cloud services to drive customer engagement with local businesses, alongside maximising open RAN technology currently being trialled. Airtel is set to deploy open RAN technology in selected sites “over the next few quarters.”

Additionally, Meta Platforms and Airtel will work with Saudi Telecom Company in the cable expansion to strengthen India’s submarine network portfolio and deliver high-speed digital services.

“With our contributions to the 2Africa cable and open RAN, we are investing in crucial and progressive connectivity infrastructure which is needed to support the increasing demand for high-speed data in India,” said Vani Venkatesh, CEO of global business at Airtel.