Starlink to launch operations in Nigeria this year

21 December 2022

Starlink will finally launch commercial operations in Nigeria before the end of this year, according to Isa Pantami, Nigerian minister of Communications and the Digital Economy.

According to Pantami, SpaceX must still complete some administrative processes before it can launch its high-speed internet services in Nigeria.

Starlink gained approval for operations from the Nigerian authorities with the acquisition of two licenses valid for 10 years and 5 years respectively. The company has also obtained operating licenses in Mozambique and Malawi.

Once its activities are launched, Starlink should be able to bring high-speed internet to all Nigerian populations, including those living in the most remote and landlocked areas. This should help achieve the government's goal of connecting 75% of the population to broadband by 2025 as part of its digital ambitions. Abuja has also signed a partnership agreement with SpaceX in this direction.