New access points meet WiFi 6 requirements for industrial vehicles

07 February 2023

Westermo has added two new access points to its Ibex range of WLAN solutions to provide high-performance data communications onboard trains, industrial vehicles, and outdoor applications.

The Ibex-1310 and Ibex-1510 are concurrent dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) access points and clients designed to meet the IEEE 802.11ax standard, WiFi 6. By delivering enhanced performance and speed, especially in device-dense environments, the access points create networks that better support applications such as maintenance access, train data offloading and management systems, and hotspots for passenger WiFi.

The Ibex-1310 is approved for use on industrial vehicles, while the Ibex-1510 has been tested and certified to meet rail standards EN 50155 and EN 45545-2, allowing deployment both onboard trains and trackside. The devices are designed to withstand the tough environment onboard vehicles, including the exposure to constant vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity and demanding electromagnetic environments. The compact and power efficient design enables easy integration in space-restricted installations.

A range of design and construction features helps to ensure a high degree of reliability over an extended lifecycle, which reduces total cost of ownership. A GORE-TEX® membrane prevents internal condensation, while IP66 protection prevents ingress of water and dust, even at the quick connect QMA connectors available on the Ibex-1510. A high level of isolation between all interfaces enables direct connectivity to vehicle auxiliary power and protects against overvoltage and surges.

The access points are very easy to install, operate and maintain. The two devices are powered by Westermo’s robust and easy to use SW6 operating system, which provides the latest cybersecurity features and updates.