Paratus Zambia acquires last data gateway license for exclusive import and export activity

06 March 2023

Paratus Zambia has acquired the last available data gateway license in Zambia, which means it – along with five other data gateway licensees – holds exclusive rights to import and export internet data capacity.

This service was previously limited to mobile network and carrier providers only. Only data licence holders can deploy international gateways, cross-border communications services and import internet data traffic into the country.

“We started the process in April 2022. We were awarded the ZICTA tender because Paratus meets the necessary infrastructure requirements. For example, our network is connected and spans the southern African region,” said Chama Chinyanta, general manager of infrastructure at Paratus Zambia. “This means we can deliver what is needed: international data connections to neighbouring countries. We are now one of six providers with this type of license and can import/export data into and out of Zambia.”

“Being awarded the last gateway license is a major achievement for us,” said Marius van Vuuren, the Managing Director of Paratus Zambia. “With this license, we can leverage our terrestrial and cross-border fibre network and satellite communications to provide high-quality internet services and import/export internet data capacity to other ISPs in Zambia. This presents a great business opportunity for us, and it’s important to note that many ISPs may not be aware of the regulations surrounding internet capacity delivery. We are looking forward to working with them to offer seamless and high-quality services in Zambia.”