Guinea ratifies Smart Africa Alliance

15 March 2023

The National Council of the Transition (CNT) of the Republic of Guinea has ratified the memorandum of understanding for the establishment of the Smart Africa Alliance, a pan-African organization bringing together countries that are committed to the development of the continent through digital and information and communication technologies (ICT).

According to the CNT, this ratification will create opportunities for the development of Guinea's telecommunications, ICT and digital sector through the facilitation of foreign or international, public, institutional and private investment in this sector.

Guinea officially joined the Smart Africa Alliance in 2016. Currently, the organization brings together 33 countries out of the 54 in Africa. The MoU for the establishment of the Alliance was adopted in 2021. Its entry into force requires its ratification by all States Parties.

The ratification of this memorandum of understanding by all member states will accelerate the achievement of the objectives set by the Alliance. These include the end of roaming in Africa through “The One Africa Network Project;” reducing the cost of internet access; improving the coverage of the telecom network on the continent; the establishment of clear and harmonious regulations in the different regional areas of the continent.