Eswatini Mobile to improve network coverage

06 April 2023

Eswatini Mobile (ESM/Swazi Mobile) plans to invest 200 million lilangenis between April and December 2023 to improve the coverage of its telecom network in the kingdom.

According to CEO Jeff Penberton, the funds will be used to increase network capacity and deploy 125 new base stations (2G/3G/4G), especially in rural areas.

In July 2017 Eswatini Mobile launched its mobile services in Eswatini (then Swaziland), ending MTN's monopoly in the national telecom market. The company has invested 1 billion lilangenis in its business in the past six years.

“2023 is a catch-up year for Eswatini Mobile, which must reach 90% population coverage by the end of December. As we have more base stations, we are confident that we will have more customers as our coverage will be wider,” said Penberton.