Poulsat and Eutelsat to connect schools

20 April 2023

Poulsat has signed a partnership agreement with Eutelsat Communications to provide high-speed internet connectivity to schools in north Africa.

As part of this partnership, internet connectivity will be provided via the Eutelsat ADVANCE Ka-band connectivity solution. Students and teachers will be able to access it through VSAT terminals powered by solar energy and connected to local WiFi access points. They will also have access to exclusive cloud solutions to share files in class.

This partnership is part of the ‘digital classroom’ project initiated by Poulsat and supported by the World Bank Group. It aims to provide more than a hundred schools with an internet connection over the next three years.

“This partnership will ensure Internet access in the least served schools in North Africa, and meet the essential connectivity needs for education, distance education, professional activities and economic development,” said Cyril Dujardin, managing director of the connectivity branch of Eutelsat.