Single Pair Ethernet portfolio for Industry 4.0

05 May 2023

Belden has launched its Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) portfolio of connectivity products, designed to optimize Ethernet connection possibilities in harsh environments, including industrial and transportation operations. The SPE portfolio includes IP20-rated PCB jack, patch cords and cordsets for clean-area connections and IP65/IP67-rated circular M8/M12 patch cords, cordsets and receptacles for reliable field device industrial ethernet connections.

The portfolio creates the foundation for real-time communications between all devices on the network, the enterprise backbone and the cloud to improve process efficiency and reduce operational costs. As Industry 4.0 evolves and the number of sensors and actuators in automated production cells that connect to the factory backbone grows, the new SPE product portfolio is the simple, affordable solution to further enable predictive maintenance, digital twins and more.

For transportation applications, the Belden SPE products offer a 30% improvement on bending ratio and 30% smaller outer diameter, alleviating issues caused by tight spaces between vehicle bodies. In addition, the products simplify cabling to improve customer experience with a greater range of connectivity and reduce the weight added by existing connectivity products by nearly half.

The Belden SPE portfolio of connectivity products provides:

  • Future-proof innovation: the simplified network topology enables seamless connectivity from sensors to the cloud; gateways become optional.
  • High-performance bandwidth support up to 10Gbps.
  • Rugged protection from harsh conditions: IP65/67 design protects against mechanical shock, vibration, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes; suitable for M3I3C3E3 environments.
  • A compact, lightweight design: increased flexibility and bending ratios make the cordsets easy to commission and overcome tight space constraints.
  • Built for sustainability: manufactured with 55% less metal and plastic than popular Ethernet cordsets, resulting in improved carbon footprint and ESG rating without sacrificing performance; IEC 63171-6, lead-free RoHS compliant.

Belden’s new products are compact and durable, provide much greater coverage, and are the ideal network connectivity choice for machine building, automotive manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, intralogistics, mass transit systems, traffic control/systems, railway, train stations, and rail-rolling stock.