Ghana’s MoMo agents threaten MTN with action

09 May 2023

Mobile money agents in Ghana are threatening to take 'industrial' action against MTN by 10 May if their concerns are not addressed.

The proposed action will include charging MTN customers additional fees for services provided by agents. This includes withdrawing and sending money, as well as paying by mobile money.

The associations and unions of mobile money agents criticize MTN for the delays in the payment of commissions, the lack of transparency in the calculation of commissions and the fact that these commissions have not been adjusted upwards over the last ten years. They call the situation very “insensitive, especially in times of economic difficulties and astronomical operating costs.”

This agent initiative could harm the mobile money business which is one of MTN's growth engines in Ghana. At the end of the 2022 financial year, the segment brought in 1.9 billion cedis, representing an annual growth of 11.6%. It also contributed 19.6% of MTN Ghana's total service revenue.