Unitel launches 4G in São Tomé and Principe

12 May 2023

Unitel STP has launched its 4G mobile network in São Tomé and Principe, making it the first in the country to deploy this technology, which should improve the quality of connectivity services and accelerate digital transformation.

The launch follows conclusive tests carried out in April with the approval of the General Regulatory Authority (AGER).

In May 2021, the CST called on the regulator to take responsibility for deploying the technology. The company had submitted a request for initial implementation of the 4G network in pilot format, but it remained unfulfilled.

“We clearly intend to strengthen investments in São Tomé, in particular by trying to create a rapprochement on the issue of precision agriculture. We know that there is a very favourable ecosystem for the promotion and industrialization of our agriculture in São Tomé. Sao Tome is a country with sunshine, beautiful beaches, fertile soil and we believe that technology can revolutionize all of this,” said Inoweze Ferreira, general manager, Unitel STP.