Chad begins work on transSaharan fibre backbone

06 June 2023

The Chadian government has launched work on the Chadian component of the trans-Saharan fibre optic backbone (DTS).

The realisation of the project is entrusted to the CGPS/LORYNE Group, made up of two Burkinabè companies specialising in telecommunications, construction, and energy. The latter will install to install 559km of optical fibre within ten months.

Once complete, the fibre will cross the towns of Massaguet, Massakory, Mao, Rig-Rig, Daboua to the border with Niger. In addition, a 50km metropolitan network will be installed in N’Djamena. The realisation of the project should cost 20.5 billion CFA francs. It is financed by the European Union and the African Development Bank (ADB). The Chadian State will contribute 1.6 billion FCFA.

The DTS project aims to strengthen the high-speed telecom infrastructure in Africa by interconnecting several countries, including Algeria, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, and Tunisia.