ELM and Central African Republic sign MoU for digital transformation

08 June 2023

Elm has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Digital Economy, Posts, and Telecommunications of the Central African Republic.

The MoU is aimed at promoting business opportunities and driving the country’s digital transformation. It will require implementation of comprehensive digital platforms that offer superior consultancy services, and Elm accordingly will provide the necessary assistance and technologies to develop and implement these innovative digital platforms, thereby enhancing the degree of competency among Central African industries engaged in the digital economy.

“This association is set to positively impact our efforts aimed at promoting digital infrastructure, fostering economic development and entrepreneurship, and driving digital transformation by advancing digital economy sectors,” said Elm's VP of marketing, Majid bin Saad Al-Arifi.

“The agreement also reflects Central Africa’s commitment to advancing commercial opportunities and the nation’s overall development. Being a trusted digital solutions provider, we are committed to providing our service and expertise to meet the demands of various industries in launching cutting-edge digital platforms that cater to governmental institutions and provide consultancy, BPM and project management services. Additionally, we look forward to collaborating with more organisations to drive initiatives and events that will raise public awareness on the importance of embracing modern technologies and digital transformation.”

Both parties will establish long-term goals based on requirements and opportunities in various sectors of the digital economy, as well as developing strategies to leverage these opportunities and advance the economic development of their respective countries. They will also further promote business accelerators and startup investments while exchanging knowledge and expertise in the area of digital transformation in private and public sectors.