Airtel to expand DC business Nxtra into Africa

06 June 2023

Airtel Business plans to expand its data centre business, Nxtra, into Africa.

The company intends to build five data centres on the continent to meet the growing demand for digital services. It intends to rely on the capacities of the 2Africa and Equiano fibre optic submarine cables in which Airtel Business has invested.

Nxtra's expansion into Africa comes amid growing investment in Africa to fill the gap in data centre capacity as digital transformation accelerates on the continent.
Nxtra's expansion in Africa should strengthen Airtel's presence there. Its African subsidiary Airtel Africa operates in 14 markets where it has 140 million mobile phone subscribers, 54.6 million data subscribers and 31.5 million mobile money (Airtel Money) customers.

“So we have a bigger responsibility to make sure the networks are upgraded and the delivery is robust. Everything is done in real time and delays are reduced. There is redundancy, there is diversity. And there's digitization to make it seamless and on-demand. We are growing significantly to continue to meet the growing needs of our customers,” said Vani Venkatesh, managing director of Airtel Global Business.