Tarana’s G1 to deliver wireless broadband throughout Africa

21 June 2023

Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited Africa (CBNLA) and Tarana have partnered to serve network operators throughout Africa with Gigabit 1 (G1), Tarana’s groundbreaking wireless broadband platform.

CBNLA, a value-added reseller of telecommunications equipment for mobile operators and internet service providers, aims to enable their customers to bridge the digital divide with reliable and affordable connectivity solutions, making Tarana G1 a natural addition to their product offering.

Tarana is the innovator behind next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA), a groundbreaking technology category exemplified by the G1 platform. ngFWA overcomes the major performance challenges that previously hindered the widespread implementation of wireless broadband solutions. For CBNLA, the most noteworthy of these advances is ngFWA’s capability to provide reliable service in congested frequencies. With the industry’s first successful implementation of unlicensed-band interference cancellation, G1 has exceptional resilience against radio noise from other devices in sub-6GHz bands. In bustling central business districts where other solutions fall short, the G1 platform enables CBNLA customers to deliver dependable, high-bandwidth services.

“Our partnership with Tarana provides a fresh and exciting path forward for our customers. G1 is a credible product for unlicensed bands, not only enabling operators to compete in their existing markets with reliable, improved bandwidth, but also enter new markets with this unique solution,” said Gary De-Rozario, CBNLA’s head of sales.

“We are very pleased to add CBNLA to our network of channel partners. Their business runs deep in Africa and we look forward to working together to reach more customers, enabling them to deliver significantly upgraded broadband to the underserved,” said Nick Ehrke, Tarana’s sales lead in Africa.