New partnership between IEC Telecom and Rivada Space Networks for greater global connectivity

11 July 2023

IEC Telecom and Rivada Space Networks have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure innovative connectivity solutions for maritime and land communication networks.

IEC Telecom offers satellite communications to governments, institutions and sectors across the globe, specializing in industry leading digitalization for maritime industries and remote communications.

Rivada has created a new network of secure low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, where the physically separate network creates a layer of defence for secure transmitting and offers latencies similar to that of terrestrial fibre.

Their partnership utilizes both functions together; in the humanitarian sector, the joint network will be applied to enhance connectivity for leading NGO agencies to coordinate humanitarian efforts, increase safety of remote workers and security of assets, and create more sustainable long term operations. This will be supporting efforts across all sectors, such as food distribution and medicine to education and housing.

IEC Telecom also plan to incorporate Rivada’s LEO satellite network to improve digitalization of maritime communications and to digitally secure network solutions against cyber-attacks, to improve onboard operations and support digital decarbonization globally.

Both companies highlight the importance of innovation and ultra secure, reliable and low latency communication networks accessible from anywhere on the globe as part of a move forward in the industry.