Ilitha Telecommunications targets affordable FWA in South Africa

18 July 2023

In an initiative to boost the provision of quality, affordable internet service to more than five million people living in South African townships, Ilitha Telecommunications will test the solar-powered WiFi solution developed by Mesh++.

The test will take place in the local municipality of King Sabata Dalindyebo in the Eastern Cape Province.

"What started as a passion to connect as many people as possible in the townships with affordable broadband has far exceeded Ilitha's expectations. Demand for Ilitha's proposition has now grown beyond the areas high-density township. To meet this demand, we had to look for high capacity radio solutions that will help us deliver affordable, quality broadband to rural and low-density areas,” said Vuyani Jarana, president and CEO of Ilitha Telecommunications.

The connectivity provider's test will assess the technical options and costs associated with expanding Ilitha's fixed wireless access networks into townships in South Africa. It will also evaluate solar-powered WiFi technology as a solution to extend Ilitha's network infrastructure in townships where access to electricity is unreliable.

South African townships, home to much of the low-income population, have long faced challenges with internet connectivity. This situation has limited residents' access to information, education, employment, and many economic opportunities. However, thanks to this new collaboration, progress is expected.