MTN and Airtel launch 4G in Rwanda

24 July 2023

MTN Rwanda and Airtel Rwanda have just launched their own 4G mobile networks.

Both companies have obtained amended operating licenses from the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA). They promise faster, more affordable, and more reliable connectivity to individuals, communities, and businesses across the country.

“Our customers can expect popular benefits, such as live streaming of high-definition (HD) content (including shows like The Voice Africa on Airtel TV), the ability to play video games in real time, and reduced buffering during video calls and virtual video meetings,” said Emmanuel Hamez, managing director of Airtel Rwanda.

The launch of MTN and Airtel's 4G networks comes months after RURA decided to revoke the wholesale monopoly granted in 2013 to parastatal Korea Telecom Rwanda Networks (KTRN) over 4G and future mobile technologies. The initiative is part of the new national broadband policy adopted by the government in October 2022. It aims to increase competition in the national telecom market dominated by MTN, which controls 61.9% of the shares against 38.1% for Airtel.

“We thank the Government of Rwanda for their continued support, providing an enabling operating environment that allows us to deliver increased connectivity and foster digital inclusion, leaving no one behind. By launching the next generation 4G LTE technology, we are not only investing in the network, but we are also, and above all, investing in cutting-edge digital solutions for the progress of Rwanda,” said Mapula Bodibe, managing director of MTN Rwanda.