A new telco roadmap for Nigeria

04 August 2023

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is preparing to implement a new roadmap to strengthen regulations for quality services in the telecommunications sector.

The new roadmap focuses on six regulatory instruments, including data protection, corporate governance, commercial satellites, and quality of service.

It is part of the measures undertaken by the NCC to improve regulations to adapt to the rapid development of the sector. Over the past two years, the regulator has allocated additional capacity to telecom operators to improve 3G/4G networks and deploy 5G. It also awarded operating licenses to Nigeria’s first mobile virtual network operators.

“With the commendable progress of the industry comes great responsibility on the part of the government to ensure that there is an enabling environment for the development of the industry, through the introduction/amendment of regulatory instruments keys,” said Umar Danbatta, executive vice president of the NCC.

“Most importantly, these changes will drive operators to improve their networks and services through effective network deployment and optimization processes. It is clear that these expectations will ultimately foster a culture of continuous improvement that is critical to the competitiveness and vitality of our industry,” said Helen Obi, NCC’s director of legal and regulatory services.