Vodacom signs alternative energy agreement with Eskom

07 September 2023

Vodacom has signed a virtual transfer agreement with the public electricity supplier Eskom which allows it to source electricity from independent suppliers while using Eskom's infrastructure and transmission services.

To implement the program, Vodacom intends to use a virtual energy transport platform developed by its subsidiary Mezzanine.

This initiative is intended to limit the impact of the energy crisis facing South Africa. Vodacom has invested more than 300 million rand in backup power solutions in the 2022/2023 financial year. The initiative also aligns with Vodacom's ambition to source 100% renewable energy sources to meet its electricity demand by 2025.

“The partnership between Vodacom and Eskom is transformational in that our virtual wheel solution will enable the South African private sector to participate in solving the energy crisis which continues to impact the economy of the country. It also provides a model for other South African businesses to adopt as we pool our collective resources with the common goal of ending load shedding,” said Shameel Joosub, chairman and CEO general of Vodacom.