Angola to install 50 free internet points

11 September 2023

The Angolan government plans to install 50 free internet points across the country by the end of October, reports Marcos Damião, deputy director of the technical area at the National Institute for the Promotion of the Information Society (INFOSI).

It should enable students from disadvantaged areas to search for academic content and facilitate the exchange of information.

In urban settings, the program will be implemented in partnership with service providers such as Angola Telecom, TV Cabo, Internet Technologies Angola (ITA), UNITEL and Zap Fibras. In suburban areas, hotspots will be installed using the VSAT (Satellite Internet) system. Each access point will have a capacity of 100Mb for a range of 100m.

The initiative is part of the ‘Angola Online’ program, led by the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication (MINTTICS). Some 127 internet access points have already been installed across Angola.

The project is expected to improve the use of internet services and accelerate the digital transformation of all sectors of the national economy, including education. Angola has 10.08 million Internet users, according to the latest statistics from the Angolan Institute of Communications (INACOM).