Ignition Group launches eSIM for its MVNOs

07 September 2023

Ignition Group has launched an eSIM on its mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) uConnect and Me&you Mobile.

“In a strategic move to drive connectivity and bridge the digital divide, Ignition Group’s mobile division has taken a momentous step by offering free eSIMs, as well as access to free data and airtime,” said Ignition Group.

Mobile virtual network enabler MVN-X is among Ignition’s ecosystem of business units. MVN-X supports Cell C’s MVNO platform, which is used by a large proportion of MVNOs in South Africa, including uConnect and Me&you. MVN-X also offers support for MTN’s MVNO platform.

Ignition will allow prepaid and month-to-month subscribers to download their eSIMs. For a limited period, a complimentary 1Gb mobile data and R50 airtime will be rewarded to the customer after downloading and activating their eSIM. The SIM is free on uConnect and costs R1 to activate on Me&you Mobile.

Ignition said that providing free eSIMs represented a significant stride towards ensuring that every South African can participate in and benefit from the burgeoning digital economy.

“One of the most transformative aspects of the digital economy in South Africa is its potential to democratise access to information and services,” said Ignition. “With an increase in internet access, especially in rural and underserved areas, people can overcome geographical barriers and access urban and even global markets. This empowers local entrepreneurs to reach a wider customer base and connect with international partners, fostering cross-border trade and innovation.”