Uganda launches 2023-2027 digital transformation roadmap

07 September 2023

The Ugandan government has launched a roadmap for Uganda’s digital transformation covering 2023-2027. The document was developed in collaboration with various stakeholders, including the United Nations Program for development (UNDP).

“The Digital Transformation Roadmap represents a bold vision for the future of our nation, one that is not only driven by technology, but in which technology serves as a catalyst for sustainable development, economic growth and improving the livelihoods of all Ugandans,” said Chris Baryomunsi, minister of ICT and national guidance.

The new roadmap includes extending the national backbone infrastructure to more than 73 additional districts and 20 major cities with internet connection in administrative units, schools, ministries, departments, agencies, and hospitals. The government also intends to put 95% of government services online; extend broadband to 90% of the national territory; bring online services to 90% of the population; and connect 90% of SMEs and other private institutions.

The implementation of the new roadmap is part of the actions undertaken by the Ugandan government to accelerate the digital transformation with a view to supporting economic recovery, creating unlimited opportunities for the youth, and achieving ‘Vision 2040.’

“This program will usher in a new era of sustainable social and economic transformation across Uganda. The pillars of our roadmap are the foundations on which Uganda will continue to rise, including digital infrastructure and connectivity, digital services, cybersecurity, data protection and privacy, digital skills, innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Jessica Alupo, vice president of Uganda.