Powertel Communications boosts network with $570 million investment

08 September 2023

Powertel Communications has announced an investment of $570 million in the extension of its telecoms network over the next seven years. The initiative is expected to help improve broadband connectivity coverage in the country.

The program will take place in several phases. Powertel intends to invest up to $355 million in fixed access; $112 million in mobile access; $50 million in 4G LTE, 5G and national backbone network; $4 million in Internet of Things (IoT). Connectivity will be provided by ZESA Holdings power lines.

According to Willard Nyagwande, acting managing director of Powertel, the investment is part of the company’s strategy to improve efficiency and profits. It intervenes in a context of digital transformation marked by a strong demand for connectivity in Zimbabwe.

“We discovered many marginalized and unconnected communities in rural areas. That is why we are working hard to improve connectivity in Zimbabwe to an acceptable level,” said Nyagwande.