CMC Networks to enhance network management and optimisation

02 October 2023

CMC Networks is working with Inmanta to revolutionize the management and optimization of CMC Networks' extensive network infrastructure across Africa and between continents.

By leveraging Inmanta Connect's advanced network orchestration capabilities, CMC Networks continues to push the boundaries of innovation. The goal is to deliver exceptional service to customers by provisioning connectivity on demand, enhancing scalability, and improving overall operational efficiency.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Inmanta," said Marisa Trisolino, CEO of CMC Networks. "It’s important for us to work with a partner who can enable us to have unparalleled flexibility and control over our network infrastructure. Inmanta empowers our company to adapt to growing customer demands and industry trends to drive digital transformation and business growth."

The end-to-end orchestration solutions by Inmanta are purpose-built to maximize the speed and productivity of network and service operations, while ensuring high resilience. It enables customers like CMC Networks to deliver connectivity services within minutes. Moreover, thanks to high reusability they can also automate and launch new services within weeks. Inmanta’s open and best-of-breed platform puts the customer back in the driver’s seat, increasing control and serviceability.

"We are excited to partner with CMC Networks," said Stefan Walraven, CEO of Inmanta. "Our network orchestration solution addresses the unique challenges faced by service providers. We are confident that our collaboration will empower CMC Networks to achieve unmatched efficiency, agility, and customer satisfaction.”