Mozambique and Starlink to connect 300 schools

09 November 2023

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Mozambique (INCM) launched an initiative called ‘Internet nas Escolas,’ which aims to provide high-speed internet connectivity to around 300 schools across the country, in partnership with Starlink.

VSAT broadband internet terminals will be installed in selected schools by Samada, a Starlink partner, to generate an average speed of 32.09Mbps. The pilot phase of the project will connect around ten technical schools in Mozambique over the space of one year. Four schools in the provinces of Maputo, Gaza, Inhambane and Sofala have benefited from this initiative.

According to Constâncio Trigo, general director of INCM, the Internet nas Escolas project is part of the Mozambican government’s efforts to generalize access to the internet in the country and improve the digital inclusion of the entire population. Other government initiatives in this area include setting up digital hubs across the country and connecting libraries to the internet.

The INCM believes that connecting schools to high-speed internet will allow students and teachers in said establishments to access online educational resources. It should also enable them to research, learn and communicate more effectively.