Cameroon hosts crisis talks after cable cuts

21 March 2024

The minister of posts and telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng, has chaired a crisis meeting with telecom operators active in Cameroon. On the agenda, there were the incidents that occurred on certain submarine cables serving Africa which have disrupted Internet access in several African countries since the morning of 14 March.

During the meeting, emergency measures were prescribed to operators by Libom Li Likeng to reduce the impact of these incidents on internet access.

Among these measures, there is the increase in internet capacity on SAIL, the submarine cable connecting Brazil and Cameroon, which is not affected by the incidents; the systematic restitution to consumers of unused data credits following an Internet outage; the institution of the diversification of Internet access routes with satellite redundancy routes.

The Cameroonian government also recommends that operators strengthen the sharing of infrastructures and the urgent carrying out of an independent audit of the operators’ networks. The telecoms regulator in Cameroon has been responsible for ensuring the implementation of these various recommendations.

As a reminder, it is since the morning of March 14, 2024 that Internet access has been disrupted in Cameroon. In a press release made public that same day, the Association of Mobile Telephone Operators informed consumers that these disruptions are the result of “major incidents” on three submarine cables (WACS, SAT3 and MainOne).

Cameroon is connected to two of the three cables which were damaged in mid-March, including the WACS, whose landing point is in Limbe, and the SAT3, which lands in Douala.