Kenya to gain first geothermal-powered data centre in historic first

02 April 2024

Kenya has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Arab Emirates to build the first geothermal-powered data centre.
EcoCloud and the UAE’s G42 signed the deal, which intends to capitalise on Kenya’s large untapped geothermal potential by constructing an initial 100MW facility that will be ramped up over time.

“By harnessing geothermal energy, we are not only meeting the region’s data needs but also setting a new standard for eco-friendly infrastructure,” said Amos Siwoi, founder and chief executive officer of EcoCloud.

“This geothermal-powered data centre is a milestone towards realising Kenya’s potential as a global digital hub and fulfilling our mission of making intelligence accessible to everyone, everywhere,” said Peng Xiao, group chief executive officer of G42.

At full capacity, the 1GW mega data centre facility will reduce Kenya’s reliance on fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions, and aid in environmental conservation.

This development in Kenya comes at a time when data centres have faced scrutiny about their environmental impacts. Their rapid expansion in Africa has continued to raise concerns about their environmental impact, particularly in terms of energy consumption, carbon emissions, and waste generation.