Togo launches mobile number portability

09 May 2024

The Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts of Togo has launched mobile number portability.

Togolese telecoms consumers will now be able to change mobile telephone operator while retaining their original numbers.

“Their choice will now only be based on the quality of service offered by the operators or on the affordability of the tariff offers,” said ARCEP.

In April 2023 ARCEP started the technical implementation of mobile number portability in Togo, in accordance with the relative regulations adopted in July 2022 and approved by the government a month later. The initiative follows a market study carried out by the regulator in October 2021, which showed that 95% of Togolese consumers were in favour.

The advent of portability should make it possible to introduce more competition into the Togolese mobile telephony market, to the benefit of consumers.