Vodafone Egypt tests new tower models

13 June 2024

Vodafone Egypt has successfully tested a new model of telecom towers that combines the 1800MHz, 2100 FDD and 2600 TDD frequency bands into a single radio unit.

The initiative should allow the operator to rationalize available spectrum resources to accelerate the extension of the coverage of its telecoms network across the country.

“This new triple-band radio unit from Ericsson allows us to reduce costs, accelerate the deployment of 4G/5G services, reduce the energy consumption of our mobile network and reduce the load on the pylons,” said Catalin Buliga, chief technology officer at Vodafone Egypt.

Once deployed at scale, the new telecom tower model is expected to enable Vodafone to reach thousands more people. This should allow it to increase its market share and improve its position in the Egyptian telecoms market.