Telecom Egypt cuts scam calls by 90% with Enea voice firewall

03 July 2024

Since Telecom Egypt has deployed Enea’s voice firewall to protect against scam calls and unwanted robocalls, more than 90% of incoming calls with spoofed caller IDs have disappeared from its network.

When the firewall solution was initially deployed, 8+% of all calls were identified as fraudulent and immediately blocked. This has acted as a deterrent to scammers, who have now ceased targeting the network, resulting in a roughly 90% reduction in spoof calls on the network.

According to the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA), phone calls are the leading channel for scam attempts worldwide, a sobering fact that underscores the importance of robust telecom security measures.

To protect its subscribers, Telecom Egypt has deployed Enea’s voice firewall, a cutting-edge solution that operates on a zero-trust approach. It accurately detects and blocks any spoofed calls coming into the network, ensuring that only genuine calls reach the subscribers and preventing scams at the very first stage before potential victims are reached.