Airbus introduces Dabat Hybrid Roaming feature

05 September 2019

Airbus has unveiled a new feature called Dabat Hybrid Roaming, which combines its Tactilon Dabat hybrid TETRA/LTE terminal and its Tactilon Agnet 800 solution to allow users of the terminal to “seamlessly roam” between their TETRA network and LTE coverage.

Tactilon Agnet 800 is an app for smart devices such as the Tactilon Dabat; it enables the use of features such as push-to-talk, status notifications, text messaging, and emergency calls, along with the ability to switch to LTE coverage (the Tactilon Dabat’s primary mode of operation is to use the TETRA network).

Airbus claims the security of the solution is preserved because all Tactilon Agnet traffic is securely protected via the secure client’s VPN.

The new service was introduced at Critical Communications World in Kuala Lumpur.