Sepura announces update to SC21 TETRA hand-portable

05 September 2019

Sepura has announced two significant updates to its SC21 TETRA hand portable, with the device now certified with an IP67 environmental protection rating, whilst also being made available for use in the UV band (403-470MHz).

The company claims that since its launch, the SC21 has proven popular with organisations looking for a compact, robust TETRA hand-portable with outstanding audio and enhanced user functionality through data applications.

Alongside its sister device, the larger SC20 hand-portable “with its additional high-speed data bearer”, the SC2 Series of TETRA radios are deployed by public safety organisations.

Sepura claims that having the SC21 available in the 403-470 MHz frequency band ensures that the device will now also be available to non-Airwave user organisations in many other global regions.

The firm also reckons the IP67 environmental protection rating ensures that the SC21 device has proven to remain operational even after the harshest of working conditions.

For the user, this means that Sepura’s radios should last longer and more reliably, even when used in dirty and wet environments.

Combined with features such as “water porting”, extended receive sensitivity and the ability to add intelligent data applications through its AppSPACE software environment, Sepura believes the SC21 is a key tool in critical voice and data communications.