Comtech EF Data expands satellite modem product line

05 September 2019

Comtech EF Data has expanded its satellite modem product line, introducing the SLM-5650C and SLM-5650C ODU CyberLynx software defined modems and enhanced performance options.

The company reckons the products feature “extremely compact form factors and software options” and can be integrated with a variety of platforms, while providing an upgrade path to support future requirements. 

The SLM-5650C CyberLynx model is an indoor product that operates from -10°C to +55°C using conductive cooling.

The heat is transferred from the electronics to the housing and then to an external mounting surface, such as a trailer wall.

The SLM-5650C ODU CyberLynx model is an IP67 rated outdoor unit that is designed to meet MIL-STD-810G and operates from -32°C to +65°C.

“Building on our expertise with the installed and proven SLM-5650A and SLM-5650B Satellite Modems, we reduced the form factor (volume) of the SLM-5650C & SLM-5650C ODU CyberLynx approximately 90%, doubled the processing resources, reduced the maximum power consumption by 80% and increased the functionality compared to the SLM-5650A,” claims Jeff Harig, senior vice president government systems for Comtech EF Data. “The proven performance of our offerings translates into reliability, scalability, and adaptability while optimising space segment for mission-critical communications for government, military and commercial applications.”

The SLM-5650C and SLM-5650C ODU CyberLynx Software Defined Modems and the SLM-5650B Satellite Modem are all commercially available.

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