Mobile Mark's antenna for mining in vehicle control and fleet tracking

23 June 2020

Mining takes place in very difficult and remote environments and so Mobile Mark offers several private network infrastructure and vibration resistant vehicle antenna solutions that are ideal for mining environments.

The antennas are available in many different styles including: rugged mobile, foam filled omni-directional, and GNSS multiband surface mount antennas. All of these antennas are designed for Mining applications for vehicle control and fleet management.

The rugged, amplified tactical mesh (TMA-24A-3.2CT) antenna model covers the 2400-2500 frequency band with a gain of 2 dBi and is designed for use in rugged and mobile wireless networking applications. TMA construction is highly durable and water resistant. Mobile Mark says the small footprint and low profile design makes it an ideal solution for mounting on vehicles or in other space constrained applications. This antenna is notable for its overall size. Measuring at just 5.5” (14mm) in height with a diameter of 2.2” (112mm).

The SMWG-312 antenna features 3 antenna elements in one radome. Unique to this model, cable one is extremely widebanded and covers 694-960 MHz & 1710-6000 MHz. It also covers 2.4/5 GHz dual-band WiFi on the second element while the third element covers GNSS. Measuring at 2.4” (107mm) in diameter by 3.2” (81mm) in height, makes this antenna ideal to fit on mining fleet vehicle.

What's more, the OD6-2400MOD2 is a wide band heavy duty omni-directional antenna. This heavy duty, foam filled omni-directional antenna has become the ideal high-vibration antenna for settings with mining vehicles. It operates on the 2400-2500 MHz frequency with a gain of 6 dBi. Originally designed as point-to-multipoint hub antennas for private networks, this antenna is used on large vehicles where typical mobile antennas are not durable enough. Filled with a microwave grade structural foam to protect the antenna elements, these antennas continue to perform in tough environments. OD-MOD2 Series Antennas keep your vehicles connected to the wireless network for reliable, consistent communications and monitoring. Measuring at 17.25” (44.4cm) tall, with a radome diameter of 1” (2.25cm), this rugged OD can withstand the harshest environments of snow, wind, rain and ice.