Spot Gen4 pocket-sized device will call for help

27 November 2020

Designed for lone workers and adventurers, Spot Gen4 is a device about the size of a pack of cards which uses GPS to locate and track users.  

It is the latest model from a subsidiary of the operator of low-earth satellites, Globalstar.  Features include requesting help, allowing contacts to track the user’s progress, single-press emergency SOS alerts and pre-programmed messages.  Up to 1,250 messages can be sent on a single set of four AAA lithium batteries.

Users can view or share locations through live and historical maps.  Maps can be displayed on a PC in light or dark modes, by satellite, open street map or terrain.

The new model has a cover which snaps over the help and SOS buttons and an upgraded IP68 rating.

As long as Spot Gen4 is on and moving, it sends tracks at a chosen rate; alerts can be set to auto-send to others when movement is detected or upon entry/exit of specific programmed areas.

Alerts are user-set and system-generated emergency or custom messages, such as new movement, no movement, check in and help.

As with others in the range, when the SOS button is pressed, an alert along with the user’s co-ordinates are transmitted to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre (IERCC) which in turn engages with local first responders.  Alternatively, it can alert the user’s company.

Spot Gen4 is sold for a one-off price, plus a monthly or annual subscription.  It measures 8.83x6.76x2.36mm and weighs 142g with batteries.