First-of-its-kind location hyper-precise tracking software

07 December 2021

Geo-location startup, Naurt, welcomes full public access to what it claims is “game-changing” software set to unlock the future of hyper-precise location tracking. Following a year of beta testing with a pilot group of high-profile local and international businesses and governments, Naurt has now made its first-of-its-kind software accessible to any and all businesses around the globe. The startup’s plug-and-play toolkit apparently has no direct competitors and promises to deliver 45 times more accurate location data when used indoors or outdoors and across borders.

Naurt says its software does not replace the satellite location services businesses currently use - “instead, it simply integrates seamlessly with it and fixes the problems that cause the location data to be inaccurate”. Where businesses might currently be able to pinpoint a location to within around 20 metres, integrating Naurt could improve accuracy to within centimetres, it claims.

“Standard satellite location services are no longer fit for purpose and are costing businesses and people time, money and safety,” says Jack Maddalena, co-founder and CEO of Naurt. “Naurt is making geo-location ultra precise.”