URGROUP’s tunable DWDM transceivers to simplify 5G network management

07 February 2023

URGROUP has announced the general availability of the ATOP family of Tunable DWDM transceivers. Developed to meet increasing customer demand for high performance optical transceivers, the ATOP 25G Tunable DWDM benefits from a high-density form factor with extensive tuning range. The range covers both 25G and 10G rates and a range of 10km to 80km.

Designed to simplify 5G network deployment and support flexible network management too, this product has already been extensively tested and qualified for OEM and operator clients in a wide range of 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) applications.

Highlights of the ATOP Tunable DWDM transceiver range include multiple data rates, 25.78Gbps, 24.33Gbps, 10.31Gbps, 10.13Gbps, and 9.83Gbps; 48 C-band channels, full band auto-tuning within 4 minutes; 10-80km transmission distance via single-mode fibre; max power consumption less than 2.5W; and extended operation temperature range (-20-85 ℃).

Not only does the new range enable flexible network management by supporting bandwidth changes as needed in enterprise or metro networks, but it also delivers significant long-term cost savings by reducing on-hand network inventory and simplifying spare parts stocking.