Field Master MS2080A spectrum analyzer - ideal for emerging wireless networks

07 February 2023

Anritsu Company’s Field Master MS2080A, a multi-functional spectrum analyzer, integrates nine instruments into a single package for time and cost efficiencies in the most demanding field environments.

Covering 9kHz to 4GHz, the MS2080A has unprecedented performance and features for a compact and portable spectrum analyzer, bringing distinct benefits to interference hunting and 5G/LTE base station installation and maintenance (I&M) applications.

It combines fast sweep speed of 45GHzps, advanced user features like interference source location by triangulation, and best-in-class RF performance, including +/- 1dB amplitude accuracy. Additionally, it supports a cable and antenna analyzer, power meter, and 5G/LTE analysis to make it an ideal general-purpose instrument that addresses measurement requirements for legacy and emerging wireless networks.

An optional real time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) with 2.5µs probability of intercept (POI) is available. The RTSA has up to 40MHz analysis bandwidth and DANL of <-150dBm, making it well-suited for capturing intermittent and digitally modulated signals that can be hard to identify. Spectrograms allow irregular and drifting signals to be captured, recorded, and displayed.

The MS2080A supports a full range of measurements for 5G frequency range 1 (FR1) radios to 4GHz, including C-band, to support I&M of 5G New Radio (NR) and LTE base stations. Gated sweep analysis for transmitter quality measurements to accurately verify FR1 carriers is provided. The MS2080A offers full-channel, power-based, and 5G/LTE modulation quality measurement-based coverage mapping for accurate over-the-air (OTA) testing.

Field Master MS2080A is the only instrument in its class to provide 5W of continuous RF input overload protection, preventing costly damage to the instrument’s front-end when used close to high power transmitters or in high signal level environments. A 10-inch 1280x800 display meets the demanding IK08 specification for direct knocks and drops. Common functions are always accessible from the display, and side menus collapse to maximize graphical results. A soft case provides IP52 environmental protection to safeguard the instrument during transport or rain.