Industrial SMEs to benefit from compact private wireless connectivity

22 December 2023

The new Nokia DAC PW Compact has been announced, featuring a new configuration optimised to meet the private wireless connectivity needs of small-and mid-sized industrial sites.

As more industries move toward digital transformation to improve their business processes, a compact version of Nokia’s private wireless solution delivers the rigorous security and reliable connectivity that ensures even the smallest enterprise sites can benefit from the transition.

The Nokia DAC PW Compact is designed to address the growing demand for small-medium size campuses. Based on the Nokia AirScale small cells, it delivers pervasive connectivity for both human and machine in the toughest industrial environments. Its smaller form factor aligns to the coverage requirements of small industrial sites, and with zero upfront investment, offers a cost-effective connectivity option for small industrial premises.

In keeping with Nokia’s commitment to accelerate digital transformation and green energy adoption, the Nokia DAC PW Compact is up to 60% more energy-efficient than WiFi, resulting in much lower energy footprint.

The platform is suitable for small enterprises within ports, manufacturing, mining, petrochemical, retail, and many more industrial segments. It is easy to use with plug-and-play deployment and IT native operability, and provides configurations for indoor, outdoor, and mixed radio coverage. Larger enterprises deploying the Nokia DAC PW Compact in small facilities will have the confidence of a single multi-site private wireless solution deployed across all their campuses.

As enterprises expand their private wireless deployment over time, there is an easy upgrade path to add incremental capacity, users, and radio configurations, as well as allow for the addition of WiFi technology. Additionally, by converting the deployed edge to Mission Critical Industrial Edge (MXIE), enterprises can transform their private wireless solutions to a full platform for digital transformation thanks to the MXIE capabilities.