Spacecom launches Satellite IoT-as-a-service for SSA

12 February 2024

Spacecom Ltd. has announced the successful launch of its Satellite IoT-as-a-Service, aimed at revolutionizing digital agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa.

In collaboration with Ayecka and harnessing the AMOS GEO satellites and Ayecka AR-1100 satcom terminals, Spacecom introduces a reliable, independent, and sustainable fully off-grid solution to bring efficient IoT services to rural areas across Africa.

This comprehensive precision agriculture IoT solution, encompassing hardware to software, ensures a seamless experience, including Real-Time Geofencing and Activity Monitoring, enhancing security and farm management through continuous monitoring. The reliable service is scalable and accessible on all devices with a user-friendly tailored dashboard app (iOS, Android, and Windows).

Spacecom recently deployed its satellite-based IoT service at Omega Farms in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Peter Neave, a farmer, entrepreneur, and member of the AgriEC farmers union commends the Spacecom satellite for its pivotal role in seamlessly tracking farm animals, particularly cattle, thereby enhancing overall farm management. The service also facilitates data collection and analysis, enabling fast response to evolving incidents.

In the ongoing collaboration between Spacecom and Omega Farms, plans are underway to extend the usage of Spacecom’s IoT service. This expansion will involve the integration of ‘panic buttons’ to bolster safety measures on the farm and the implementation of supervised gates and machinery for streamlined operations through real-time monitoring. Additionally, Spacecom’s IoT capabilities will be augmented to include surveillance cameras, further enhancing security through advanced surveillance capabilities.

“Spacecom’s Satellite IoT-as-a-Service offers a secure, reliable, and cost-efficient solution for rural IoT applications. The always-on real-time communication, off-the-shelf sensors, and user-friendly interfaces make it a simple and effective choice for the fast deployment of digital agriculture in rural areas such as Africa,” said Dan Zajicek, CEO, Spacecom.

“We are proud to extend our technology partnership with Spececom to deliver an advanced IOT satellite connectivity that enables vast new possibilities for agriculture, industrial and safety applications. We are looking forward to this next chapter in Spacecom journey, and evolving with their technological requirements to provide the robust, innovative, agile and cost-effective connectivity their customers need,” said Baruch Kagan, CTO, Ayecka Satellite Technologies.