HPE: Simplifying multi-vendor multi-generation telco operations

08 May 2024

The new HPE Telco Core Automation offering has been designed to help service providers simplify multi-vendor, multi-generation operations with a new packaged offering built on its leading OSS technology.

The solution can help service providers automate their end-to-end processes with pre-built orchestration and assurance to make rolling out and managing network functions easier. It marries intent-based automation and AI-based assurance, which were previously separate silos, to simplify, optimise, and standardise the lifecycle management of core network functions.

As part of the solution, service providers can drive efficiencies across the NF lifecycle, resource management, automatic remediation, and capacity planning to remove integration risks, decrease operational costs, and speed up time to market for new services.

HPE Telco Core Automation streamlines multi-vendor, multi-generation management and automation for any core network. The cloud-native packaged offering offers closed-loop management extensible to any core, including the 4G/5G core from Athonet, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquisition.