BSS Magic streamlines telco operations

08 May 2024

Totogi has launched BSS Magic, a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the telecom sector with the first fully AI-generated custom Business Support System (BSS), eliminating the time and prohibitive costs typically associated with traditional BSS implementations.

Facilitated by an intuitive conversational AI interface, BSS Magic simplifies the BSS construction process by leveraging five types of Generative AI (GenAI) technologies.
BSS Magic offers a streamlined and cost-effective approach tailored for modern telcos. Leveraging the simplicity of natural voice commands, BSS Magic can automatically generate the necessary software code to produce the precise BSS needed - without requiring engineering expertise. This advanced AI platform integrates several types of GenAI, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generation (NLG), computer vision, code generation, and advanced avatar rendering. It functions as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) powered by AI, removing the dependence on skilled programmers and making BSS development accessible, customizable, and cost-efficient for everyone.

The telco-trained advanced AI model utilizes a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) model that draws on extensive telecom knowledge to understand and generate the needed BSS components through natural voice commands. This AI acts as a foundation for creating and coding BSS logic and interfaces, simplifying complex software development into conversational interactions. Meanwhile, AI code generation significantly reduces development time from months to minutes, delivering bug-free, fully customized BSS code swiftly and automatically.

The conversational AI interface makes creating a BSS as simple as having a conversation, accessible to all business users, regardless of technical skill, while seamless extensions enable easy integration of additional components, such as payments and customer support, enhancing the BSS stack with minimal effort. BSS Magic also facilitates smooth data transitions from legacy systems, overcoming common implementation challenges.

“BSS Magic is not just an advancement in BSS technology; it’s a paradigm shift in how MNOs and MVNOs manage their customer-facing applications,” said Danielle Rios Royston, acting CEO. “Totogi democratizes BSS app creation, putting the power in the hands of business users and allowing CSPs to focus on what matters most: monetization and customer service. Totogi leverages a comprehensive suite of GenAI technologies to redefine what’s possible in telecom software.”