Xtend Solutions combines WiFi satellite tech to deliver content to schools

08 May 2024

Forsway and Cloudpoint have established Xtend Solutions, a new provider of low-cost content streaming solutions aimed at offering robust internet connectivity to serve vast geographies with unreliable or no service.

Xtend Solutions’ new offering harnesses Forsway’s agile satellite technology and ground equipment and Cloudpoint’s expertise in delivering solutions and executing on a wide scale.

The offering from Xtend Solutions will cater to unserved and underserved locations, using WiFi satellite technology to distribute content, and bypassing the need for a traditional internet connection. Cloudpoint will promote and deploy the new offering with technical support from Forsway.

The primary markets the new venture will focus on are India, Africa, and Southeast Asia, within the education, digital outdoor advertising, and OTT services verticals.
Current estimates suggest that over 100,000 schools in India have fragmented or no internet service. The first roll-out of the new service is planned for remote school use cases in Asia in the first quarter of this year.

Xtend Solutions will set up the hardware for transmitting educational content to schools, with WiFi hotspots in each school. Content will be downloadable via a WiFi hotspot; it can be viewed offline on mobile phones. Apps and other processes can be customised to bespoke requirements to deliver a tailor-made solution.