Site Visit Reporting app for real-time information flow

04 July 2024

SmartCIC Global Services’ new Site Visit Reporting (SVR) application provides real-time information flow from network engineers in field to global support centres.

All 25,000 of SmartCIC’s certified network engineers have access to the mobile application with data from enterprise sites managed in a centralised platform. The mobile app enables SmartCIC to deliver information in real-time to its customers and digitalises what is typically an offline and manual reporting process.

The SVR app provides order confirmation, site addresses and hardware requirements to field technicians, with step-by-step instructions for proof of delivery, sharing site photos and templates. It provides a digital track record with GPS logs that confirm engineers are on site and meeting enterprise customer needs. The SVR app enables SmartCIC to check the status of deliverables and make instant changes while an engineer is on site, accelerating deployment times and avoiding costly delays.

“We’re continually finding ways to work smarter and add value for engineers in the field, our carrier partners, and their enterprise customers. We developed the SVR app to add another layer of visibility and control to our ‘Through the Line’ connectivity offering and disrupt legacy field services processes. If you can’t deliver critical data in real-time, you can’t move at the speed of today’s enterprises,” said Toby Forman, CEO and co-founder at SmartCIC Global Services. “The SVR app is license-free and designed to remove the friction and complexity from deploying, managing and maintaining local connectivity across the globe.”