Marlink connects Plastic Odyssey

07 November 2022

Marlink is providing a free hybrid connectivity solution for the global Plastic Odyssey expedition, the world’s first floating laboratory vessel dedicated to plastic waste recycling. The vessel will use recycling solutions to convert plastic to fuel, and act as a local recycling unit, showcasing waste reduction initiatives and promoting new thinking around plastic use.

“Plastic Odyssey is truly grateful to Marlink for its support of this project and its commitment to helping us reduce, reuse and recycle plastic around the world,” said Simon Bernard, CEO, Plastic Odyssey. “Its innovative solutions will keep the ship connected, enabling us to share updates and video with supporters - and keeping us in touch with shore in case assistance is required.”

The connectivity solution combines Sealink’s VSAT connectivity with global 4G roaming and a package of solutions including the Xchange platform for smart connectivity management. The Plastic Odyssey will be equipped with a 1m VSAT antenna and an L-band backup solution. The Telemed service will be provided for remote healthcare care for crew safety.

“At Marlink we share the aims and objectives of the Plastic Odyssey team. Pollution is not just a threat to the oceans on which our customers depend; it threatens the future health of our planet’s ecosystem, said Erik Ceuppens, CEO of Marlink. “As a shipping industry stakeholder, we have a responsibility to work towards the minimising and ultimately the removal of marine pollution of all kinds.”

The Plastic Odyssey vessel was acquired late in 2019 before it went under complete renovations and embarked three years later on 1 October. The vessel will travel the world for the next three years, calling at 30 main ports and covering 40,000 nautical miles along the coasts of Africa, South America and Asia-Pacific. The project will also encourage coastal cities to use plastic waste as a raw material into local micro-factories, transforming it into building materials and fuel with low-tech and easily transferable technologies.