South Sudan-Djibouti cable announced

07 November 2022

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a fibre optic interconnection between South Sudan and Djibouti has been announced. The ultra-high-speed connection will run from Djibouti to Juba, passing through Ethiopia, connecting South Sudan’s capital to the rest of the world, and reducing the high cost of internet connectivity.

After the MoU, a technical team comprising nationals of South Sudan and Djibouti will be trained to complete the project. The additional data capacity acquired by South Sudan will enable it to successfully implement its digital transformation strategy, by making broadband internet affordable for its population.

South Sudan is already home to several high-speed connections, including a 200km fibre backbone connecting the Ugandan border to Juba via Nimule, courtesy of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, as well as a 630km fibre optic cable linking South Sudan to Kenya as a result of the Eastern Africa Regional Transport, Trade, and Development Facilitation Project.