Astrocast optimises satellite constellation for IoT

10 March 2023

Global satellite IoT network operator Astrocast has successfully optimised its satellite constellation with improved service quality and reliability. Following the launch of four satellites in November 2022, the company efficiently commissioned them and began computing and executing the necessary manoeuvres to re-phase them with the correct angular separation to maximize service performance.

Thanks to the computed and performed manoeuvres, the satellites will be in their final orbital slot by the end of May. Astrocast’s complete control of the constellation enables the company to enhance the service and increase the satellite lifetime with maximum propellant usage optimization. In addition, the satellites are monitored and manoeuvred if required to ensure no collision events occur, thanks to Astrocast’s collaboration with OKAPI:Orbits.

“The increased number of satellites in our constellation brings more redundancy for the Astrocast service, improving reliability, service passes per day, and average latency. In addition, the company’s in-house expertise ensures the successful operation of the constellation,” said Federico Belloni, CTO, Astrocast.