MTS and MGSI to advance digital solutions

10 March 2023

Srbija, which operates as MTS, has partnered with Serbia’s Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure (MGSI) to develop and implement digital solutions in the fields of infrastructure, transport and utilities.

The agreement aims to boost the public’s awareness of and access to state-backed infrastructure projects. MGSI chief Goran Vesic said that Serbia was lining up investment worth EUR3.6 billion for such initiatives in 2023.

“With the development of Telekom’s infrastructure, domestic industry gets work, and with the development of their smart solutions, our experts, our young people, stay in the country and work here for our country. Already in the coming months, we will come out with applications and common solutions and work together with Telekom on the development of new solutions, so that the infrastructure we are building will be more accessible to citizens,” said Vesic.