Constancia mine gains fourfold increase in performance

12 September 2023

The Constancia mine in Peru is the latest industrial application to use LTE to improve its operations, with the help of Rajant Corporation.

Rajant and STRACONTech, a mining company that provides integrated technology services focused on the mining sector, have increased bandwidth and improved networking coverage at the large copper mine in south Peru with Rajant’s Peregrine LTE BreadCrumb wireless nodes. Rajant’s solution allows an almost ‘plug-and-play’ integration with the mine’s existing LTE network.

“Our mining operation needed a better design for its haulage and loading fleet. With the Rajant hybrid solution we now have a significant increase in bandwidth, which will allow us to be more efficient,” said Eduardo Rojas, IT manager for Constancia owner Hudbay Peru.

With the Rajant Peregrine LTE, the mine obtained a fourfold performance improvement, going from a limit of 10Mbps with LTE up to 40Mbps. The Rajant Peregrine LTE allows connectivity on multiple frequencies simultaneously, including LTE. This means connectivity is not lost with the mining fleet, even when there is interference on the 2.4GHz, 5GHz or LTE band.